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The Indian Railways has initiated Tri-NETRA system

The Ministry of Railways on 17 July 2016 developed the TRI-NETRA system on locomotives for enhancing the vision of Locomotive Pilots in inclement weather. TRI-NETRA stands for Terrain imaging for diesel drivers Infrared, Enhanced Optical &Radar Assisted system.
TRI-NETRA system is been made up of high-resolution optical video camera, high sensitivity infra-red video camera and additionally a radar-based terrain mapping system. These three components of the system act as three eyes (Tri-Netra) of the Locomotive Pilot. 
•    TRI-NETRA is designed to see the terrain ahead of the running locomotive during inclement weather by combining the images captured by the three sub-systems.
•    It will create a composite video image which shall be displayed in front of the Loco Pilot on a computer monitor. 
•    It will give the locomotive pilot a clear view of the track ahead in bad visibility conditions so that he can apply brakes well in time. 
•    It will also map the terrain ahead so that the driver knows when he is approaching a station or a signal.