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India's first multilingual dictionary"Bharatvani" launched

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) on Wednesday launched a multilingual knowledge portal that has more than 130 dictionaries, glossaries and terminology books in text and PDF formats.
•    The content in print and other formats will be completely digitized and put onto the portal in the form of searchable text. 
•    The portal has been launched in 22 scheduled languages, which eventually   will be extended to 100 more languages,
•    The App has 35 multilingual Dictionaries and HRD aims to extend it to 250 dictionaries in a year’s time
•    Bharatavani aims to foster national integration by emphasizing on            multilingual and cross-lingual learning tools and technologies.
•    The Bharatavani Portal would publish the content in the following main      sections:
Paa Thyapustaka Kosha : Textbooks by various authorities
Jnana Kosha : Encyclopedic Knowledge base in all languages
Shabda Kosha: Dictionaries, Glossaries, Terminologies,
Bhasha Kosha: Language learning books
Suchanaa Praudyogikii Kosha : It tools ( right now linked to TDIL)
Bahumaadhyama Kosha: Multimedia content
•    More than 130 Dictionaries, Glossaries and Terminology books have been   posted on the web portal. These dictionaries are available in text and PDF   formats.