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IPPB Officer Scale 1 Interview Experience

IPPB Officer Scale 1 Interview Experience -  Candidate's Interview experience for IPPB Officer Scale 1 post

IPPB Officer Scale 1 Interview Experience

IPPB Officer Scale 1 Interview Experience of Veeru Kondev 

Venue : Post Office Building, Mumbai

Date: 15th June 2017

Name: Veeru Kondev

Panel: The Panel has 4 members - 2 men and 2 women

Interview Schedule : 11.00 am

I reached venue at 10.30 am. We initially had a document verification where my identity documents and marksheets were verified. . After the lunch break, interview was held at 2.00 PM. My name was called and I entered the interview room. As soon as I entered the interview room, I greeted the panel members.

Panel: Veeru, Tell us about your educational qualifications

Veeru: I have completed Mechanical Engineering.

Panel: What do you know about IPPB?

Veeru: IPPB is India Post Payments Bank Limited and comes under the Department of Posts by Ministry of Communications. Payments banks are banks that allow deposits up to 1 lakh. IPPB provides three types of accounts – Saral, Sugam and Safal.

Panel:Do you think of having a great career with IPPB?

Veeru: IPPB works effectively and it can succeed. I cherish having a government job and working with the postal department. The Post office has served the nation for over a century with its services. I want to be part of this. IPPB provides doorstep banking to the people of India. A good number of people are already using the post office savings scheme, so it is not a hurdle for the IPPB to sustain a payments bank and make it a success.

Panel: What is Doorstep banking?

Veeru: Doorstep banking is providing banking products and services at the doorstep of the customer. Opening a account, cash withdrawal and deposits are features of doorstep banking

Panel: Can NRI's open bank accounts in IPPB?

Veeru: I think that the facility is only available to Indian citizens.

Panel: Doorstep banking involves lot of costs to IPPB. How do you think this will be covered?

Veeru: Customers will be charged for doorstep banking. They will be charged a convenience fee for doorstep banking.

Panel: How is that people in rural areas will become aware of IPPB and not just the post office savings account?

Veeru: Advertisements in Radio, pamphlets etc, putting up hoardings, sending SMS are some of the innovative methods of allowing people to know about the IPPB in rural areas. We can use marketing in rural areas to make people aware about the banking facilities aware of the IPPB.

Panel: How many branches of IPPB will be established this year?

Veeru: About 650 branches of IPPB will be established in the coming days.

Panel: Where will the branches for IPPB set up?

Veeru: These 650 branches will be set up all over the country.

Interview Ended and I left the venue hoping for the best!

Stay tuned for more updates on IPPB.