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Satish Sharma

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· 1 Months ago

Team TopRankers wishes you a colorful and happy holi!

The festival of colors is back again to fill in the shades of joy and prosperity in our lives.

Holi is a significant festival in India signifying beginning of the spring and it also conveys the victory of goodwill over evil. On this day, people throw colors on each other and is a great occasion for people to gather and celebrate. Holi was introduced in India but the elegance of this festival has made it accepted by other parts of the world as well.

Although holi is celebrated in different places of the country, the way of conduction and the spirit of the festival still remains the same.

Let us celebrate the festival of holi and abate all the negative forces around. Fill in colors of positivity and prosperity in your lives.

Wish your friends a happy holi and tag them in your wishes in the comments section below.

Best wishes from Team TopRankers!!