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atom is the most smallest for of any material. every matter about us is made of atom.these are the building block .and the group of atoms are known as molecule.matter is in three state




we will give bried discription on these three types of matter

1-solid=solid are very rigid.the atoms of solid have very small distace betwen them.they have very high force of attraction.they have fixed mass,volume,definate shape.they have negligle flexibility.they have very low compressibility.

2-liquid=atoms of liquid have more distance between them.they have tendency of fluidity.they have less forces of attraction between molecules as compare to solids.they have not fixed shape but definate mass.they have little bit tendency of compressibilty.

3-gas=atoms of gases have more spaces between them. the atoms of gas move very fast .they have vey high diffution power. it does not have fixed shape,mass,volume.they have very vompressibilty power.

There are many process through which we can change one stage of matter into another

these are following-

Evaporatin-changing of liquid into vaopours

condensation-gaseous vapours into liquid

sublimation -directly from solid to gas or vice versa

this is only due to the properties of these three stages of matter

Matter can present in pure or impure stages also.

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Ur right info.


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Heena, Thanks for a detailed writeup on matter.