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World's First Fossilized Dinisaur Brain Found

A bit of lumpy brown rock no bigger than an orange could be the world's first fossilized dinosaur brain.
●    The 133-million-year-old specimen came from the skull of an Iguanodon, a genus of large, iconic herbivores that lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. 
●    Scientists say the innocuous rock contains wrinkles, tubes and folds that are actually fossilized forms of the meninges, blood vessels and gray matter.
●    It's incredibly rare to find preserved soft tissue from ancient creatures - flesh and blood are the first things to decay after an animal dies - and no scientist has ever uncovered a fossil brain from a dinosaur. 
●    The rock was uncovered by fossil hunter Jamie Hiscocks, who caught it in the glow of his flashlight one night while prowling a British beach after a storm.