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Water found in Pluto

New analysis of seemingly proves beneath the icy top layer of the planet lies a liquid ocean – one of the key ingredients for life.
●    Researchers analysed images from NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft which made a flyby of the tiny planet which hovers on the edge of the solar system in 2015.
●    It is believed that the water lies 93 to 124 miles beneath the surface and is 62 miles deep.
●    However, experts state that the water is slushy ice.
●    It shows that nature is more creative than we are able to imagine, which is why we go and explore. 
●    With Pluto being 40 times farther out from the sun than the Earth, the natural conclusion would be that any liquid there would be solidly frozen.
●    However, Francis Nimmo of the University of California explained that there was still enough radioactive heat left over from its formation 4.6 billion years ago that acts as a sort of radiator.