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Venezuela to remove the 100-bolivar note from circulation

Stuck in an economic crisis and facing rampant inflation, the Venezuelan government announced Sunday it would pull its largest bill from circulation.
●    The 100-bolivar note, which is worth approximately two cents, will be replaced by much larger bank notes. 
●    Venezuelans will have 10 days after the 100-bolivar bill is removed from circulation to exchange the notes at the central bank. 
●    In the wake of the 100-bolivar note's demise, six bank notes worth between 500 and 20,000 bolivars will be made available, and three new coins. 
●    One US dollar can buy up to 4,400 bolivars on the black market.
●    Critics were quick to denounce the decision, saying Maduro should fight against the use of contraband bills on the Colombia-Venezuela border, and that there was no realistic way for Venezuelans to exchange 100-bolivar bills currently in circulation within the allotted time. 
●    Data from the central bank showed there were more than six billion 100-bolivar notes in circulation in November, which is about 48 percent of all bills and coins in use.