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Team Indus strikes deal with ISRO to send Rovers to Moon

Bengaluru-based Team Indus, made of a group of young space enthusiasts, is practising a kind of frugal engineering with generous help from former ISRO engineers . 
●    V Adimurthy came to the Team Indus office in Bengaluru for the first time in 2013. 
●    As the resident intellectual of the Indian Space Organisation (ISRO), he had been instrumental in working out the mathematical aspects of its missions for four decades. 
●    It was mainly his calculations that formed the basis for the moon and mars missions, and he still provides important intellectual inputs for ISRO missions. 
●    In 2013, Team Indus was a group of young space enthusiasts who had been working for three years to develop a spacecraft to land and rove on the moon, as part of the Google X Prize Lunar Challenge. 
●    They had no experience in space technology. But they had a plan, and they wanted Adimurthy to take a look.