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Super Earth found orbiting nearby star

Scientists have discovered a new ‘super Earth’ planet with a mass around 5.4 times that of the Earth, orbiting a very bright star near to our Sun. 
●    The exoplanet, GJ 536 b, is not within the star’s habitable zone, but its short orbital period of 8.7 days and the luminosity of its star make it an attractive candidate for investigating its atmospheric composition. 
●    The star, GJ 536, is a red dwarf which is quite cool and near to our Sun.
●    During the research, a cycle of magnetic activity similar to that of the Sun has been observed, but with a shorter period, three years.
●    To detect the planet, the researchers had to measure the velocity of the star with an accuracy of the order of a metre per second. 
●    The planet was detected in a joint effort between the IAC and the Geneva Observatory, using the HARPS spectrograph on the 3.6M ESO Telescope at La Silla in Chile and HARPS North, on the Telescopio Nacional Galileo at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, Garafia in Spain. 
●    The finding appears in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.