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Kepler 11145123 : Roundest Celestial Object

Celestial bodies and the planetary structure have always been a great source of mystery, both for the ordinary people the space explorers. 
●    A number of researches and explorations have previously been held in space structures, planets, and stars, in order to crash all those hidden secrets of nature. 
●    During some of such researches, we realized the fact that the sun is the roundest object of the entire cosmos and this has been believed since long. 
●    But recently a new roundest-ever natural object spotted 5,000 light years away which completely smashed the previous intergalactic testimony.
●    A team of astrophysicists found a new star – ‘Kepler 11145123’ which is almost double the size of the current title holder sun and has been flagged down Sun as the roundest object in nature.
●    The sun was the former title-holder – however, it has been thumped from its post by the gigantic star which measures around 1.5 million km.