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ISRO to test rocket that takes its fuel from air

After successfully testing a reusable launch vehicle, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to test an air-breathing propulsion system, which aims to capitalise on the oxygen in the atmosphere instead of liquefied oxygen while in flight.
•    Generally, vehicles that are used to launch satellites use combustion of propellants with oxidizer and fuel. 
•    The air-breathing propulsion system aims at using oxygen present in the atmosphere up to 50 km from the earth’s surface to burn the fuel stored in the rocket.
•    The new propulsion system, once mastered, would complement ISRO’s aim to develop a reusable launch vehicle that would have longer flight duration. 
•    The Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ), the ramjet-scramjet combination, is currently under development, which will operate during the crucial Mach 3 to Mach 9 ascend flight of the launch vehicle.
•    ISRO is now evolving and testing various technologies to bring down the cost of launch vehicles. 
•    The national space agency has earlier developed rockets that can send multiple satellites in a single mission.