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Golden Globes 2017 awards given

Damien Chazelle’s daring, magical musical “La La Land” swept its way through the Golden Globes on Sunday night, winning all seven of its nominated categories: best picture comedy/musical, lead actor honors for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, and awards for director, screenplay, song and score.
●    In doing so, it broke the record shared by two 1970s movies: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Midnight Express,” both of which won six Globes, including one category — acting debut — that no longer exists.
●    Now, naysayers could grouse and note that “La La Land” was off by its lonesome in the comedy/musical categories, separated from the other two awards season front-runners, 
●    With Oscar ballots out now with voters, the Globes ceremony offered plenty of evidence — beyond the record-breaking number of trophies — that “La La Land,” a film sporting two romantic, struggling artists at its core, has become the movie of the moment in a way that usually translates into academy gold.