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Colombia approves amnesty for thousands of FARC rebels

Colombia’s Congress passed a law on Wednesday offering amnesty to thousands of demobilizing Marxist guerrilla fighters accused of minor crimes in the country’s decades-long civil war.
●    The move is a key part of a revised peace deal between the government and the FARC rebels. 
●    It sailed through Congress after the right-wing opposition abstained from voting.
●    It means that the path is clear to guarantee the demobilization and disarmament of FARC members in the first half of next year,” said Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo. 
●    It’s no more and no less than the end of a 52-year conflict with the FARC. 
●    The FARC’s abandonment of arms is now in the hands of the United Nations so that the entire process of implementing the accords can begin.
●    Those found guilty of war crimes will not be eligible for the amnesty.
●    After four years of talks, the government and FARC agreed on a revised peace deal late November after the last one was rejected in a referendum.