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China has successfully launched Tiantong-01 for mobile telecommunication.

China on 6 August 2016 successfully launched its first satellite for mobile telecommunication, Tiantong-01.
•    Tiantong-01 satellite was launched from southwestern China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center, with the Long March-3B carrier rocket. 
•    More geostationary satellites will be sent into orbit for the system.
•    It is the first satellite of China's homemade satellite mobile telecom system, and a key part of the country's space information infrastructure.
•    It was designed by China Academy of Space Technology
•    Its ground service will be operated by China Telecom
•    It will operate in a geosynchronous orbit (GEO)
•    It will establish a mobile network with ground facilities, providing services for China, the Middle East, Africa and other areas. 
•    It was the 232nd flight of the Long March series carrier rockets, and the 36th launch of the Long March-3B. 
•    The three-stage Long March 3B rocket is currently the most powerful Chinese booster in service.