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Beipanjiang Bridge, 'world's highest bridge' standing 1850ft above a gorge opens

Beipanjiang Bridge, the world’s highest bridge that connects the province of Guizhou and Yunnan in the remote mountainous part of China was opened to traffic on 29 December 2016. 
●    The bridge spans 1850 feet (564 meters) above a gorge over the Beipan River.
●    Build at an expense of about USD 146.7 million dollars Beipanjiang Bridge will help in reducing the road travel time between Xuianwei to Liupanshui from five hours to two.
●    As per reports, the bridge surpassed the 1837-foot-tall Sidu River Bridge for its world record title.
●    The bridge that hangs above the Beipan River was developed in three years.
●    The 1341-meter long bridge is a four-lane roadway.
●    The bridge is named after Beipan River over which it was developed.
●    The bridge is a part of 2115 mile Hangrui Highway that will connect Hangzhou to the China-Myanmar border crossing in Ruili.